10 ways to get expensive looking hair like Kate Middleton for free

Hairdresser Richard Ward, the man who gave the Duchess Of Cambridge her new Middy-length style, reveals how to get luxe locks fit for royalty

 Kate Middleton’s hair is nothing short of a national obsession, and nobody has a better view on it than her hairdresser Richard Ward.

He was there for her wedding day, he wielded the scissors for her new, shorter style, and his Chelsea salon is on speed-dial at Kensington Palace.

We grabbed him for an exclusive chat to find out how we can get some of that royal polish for ourselves. Because if it’s good enough for Kate…

On your marks, get set, blow!

Beautifully blow-dried hair is Kate’s trademark, and Richard is the man behind it. Here’s how to copy that luxe look at home…

  • 1. Allow enough time.
  • 2. It’s OK to rough-dry hair first, so it’s not dripping wet, but be careful how you do it.
  • 3. Less is more with blow-dry prep products.